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On this website, you will find information about the work of our business law firm Winterstein Rechtsanwälte.

Most commercial decisions also have a legal component. The commercial competencies of legal advisers are becoming increasingly more important when it comes to a consideration of this legal component. Where legal advisers have an understanding of not only their own business but also that of the client's, the ‘weighting of decision-making principles’ will work more effectively, which is an important advantage when it comes to agility in rapidly developing markets.

Our work in the various legal areas which we cover is characterised by one principal insight: The traditional image of lawyers is now outmoded. Gone are the days when law firms were viewed in a similar light to the fire service: No major fires – no need to worry.

Since 1993, this realisation has resulted in the development of a new type of business law firm. As early as ten years ago, Winterstein Rechtsanwälte declared analysis of the legal environment and guidance through the early stages of negotiations to be standard procedure within the context of the concept of Management Recht and, in this way, recoin the perception of an international network of legal advice to business enterprises.

Whereas only groups of companies were in the past able to benefit from the advantages of the constant availability of advice from top lawyers through large international law firms, our new concept has made this possible for medium-sized companies by making costs transparent. This not only improves the results of a project, but is also found to be exceptionally economical, as legal actions that are avoided are usually the most economical.

If there is a dispute, business law firms have to act in a particularly measured and appropriate way. Too bold an intervention renders the opportunity for the establishment of a client relationship null and void, while too gentle an approach does not result in the necessary bargaining power being brought to the negotiating table. If legal proceedings are ultimately unavoidable, other talents will play a decisive role: The client will now need to have a powerful and experienced advocate who also has a mastery of the very specific strategies required to secure a successful outcome before the courts...