With our many years of experience, we advise national and international business enterprises and managerial staff, particularly in the banking sector, on all legal and practical aspects of employment law. In so doing, we cover the whole range of individual and collective employment law. Both in court as well as out of court.

We have a particularly wide range of experience in business reorganisation (including business transfers and staff lay-offs). When implementing such projects, we advise and assist our clients during the planning phase as well as in negotiations with works councils (incl. social compensation plans and the reconciliation of interests). When drafting employment contracts, our many years of experience in this field mean that we have an understanding of all particular aspects and will enter into negotiations regarding these, if that is what is required. We will also draft and negotiate cancellation contracts.

We are also not unfamiliar with the preparation of target agreements and incentive programmes of all kinds (bonuses, stock options, etc.). Lastly, we have much experience in all matters relating to works council constitution law and co-determination as well as conflict management.

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