Only a solvent business enterprise will be able to maintain its position in the market in the face of increasing competition. This will involve the methodical collection of outstanding debts.

This is also the reason why business debt collection agencies ultimately have to refer matters to lawyers if extrajudicial demands for payment remain unheeded. From our own experience,a we know that reputable debt collection agencies are not able to achieve more effective collection of debts than lawyers who are highly specialised in this field.

From the first measure in the form of professional legal advice to enforcement – we are able to take care of everything seamlessly! This is the most important difference between us and the procedures followed by debt collection agencies.

We give your debt a legal title and pursue enforcement. In so doing, our many years of practice make it possible for us to play up and down the “keyboard” of enforcement. In the case of legal disputes, our Litigation Department attends court cases throughout the Federation.

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